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[REVIEW] Raiku Brightening Series

Hi All!

Long time no see. I have been busy lately because my brother was sick. I also got sick after business trip to Kuala Lumpur. So things was rough recently. But now I am back with new skincare to review. Some of you might already seen in from Instagram or other blog. It is Raiku Brightening Series. Raiku is a newcomer local skin care brand. However, they already have a BPOM and Halal license. I got 4 products to review. All of them from the brightening series and have AHA, niacinamide, and saflower extract. They are toner, serum, night moisturizing cream and morning moisturizing cream. I will breakdown how I feel towards each product.

1. Brightening Toner
I quite like the toner. It feels refreshing and have a cleansing effect. Every time I use it with cotton, it took of dirt from my skin. I think it is because they have AHA in their products which act as exfoliator. However it does not dry out my skin and left tingling or stinging sensation at all. So I think the acid was not that…

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